January 23, 2014

Our shiny new blog....

Hello to our lovely readers!  We’re very excited to be bringing you Oak73’s very own lifestyle blog, Stars + Stripes. We hope that you have been following us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ as we quickly approach Oak73’s launch.  For those of you who are new to the Oak73 world, let us take a minute (feel free to grab a glass of sparkling water and let your manicure dry) to tell you a little about ourselves and what you can expect from the brand, as well as our shiny new blog!

To put it simply, Oak73 is an online-only fashion brand for product made responsibly and exclusively in the USA.  We manufacture all product in the garment districts of New York City and Los Angeles in small quantities.  Our limited production and proximity to manufacturers means that we can bring unique designs to your closets in two shakes of a peacock’s tail feathers.  That way you never have to worry about being behind, because we’re always keeping you fashion forward. 

This is of the utmost importance, since for you, fashion is fun but it’s not your life—you’ve got your career, family, friends, countless interests, a French Bulldog named Bernard, and of course the time you allot every day to your vivid daydreams about Ryan Gosling.  We totally understand, and in fact that’s what we love about you!   It’s our job to be committed to fashion, and keep up with the ever-changing whims of those mythical arbiters of taste who rule the world of patterns, colors, fabrics, and cuts.  It’s your job to look like the dazzling gazelle you know is your spirit animal.

So, now that you know Oak73 has all of your sartorial needs covered, let’s chat about why Stars + Stripes is going to be your new favorite blog.  We see Stars + Stripes as an organic extension of the Oak73 brand, and as such it will reflect the ethos that define us: a promise to always be an Original; a dedication to the re-building of the American economy; a commitment to living life Kindly.  You can look forward to exclusive previews of our line, trend alerts, health and beauty tips, inspirational editorials, behind-the-scenes profiles and much more.

Once again, we cannot wait for you to finally see Oak73 and we appreciate all of the support you have shown thus far. We love hearing from you so please contact us with any questions/comments at info@oak73.com or through any of our social media outlets:
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