February 13, 2014

A Letter from the Oak73 Founder

I am writing to share some very exciting news.  As many of you know, it has always been my dream to one day have my own fashion brand, and that day is finally here!  Over the past 16 months, I have worked tirelessly with an incredibly talented group of people to create Oak73.  We have sourced beautiful materials, built amazing relationships, and generated a world-class website.  All of our silhouettes are extremely wearable with a focus on comfort and bright patterns and prints.  But Oak73 is not just about fashion, it is fashion with a purpose.

Having worked in the fashion industry for ten years, I became very disenchanted with the process of manufacturing, which is done overseas by nearly all major brands.  I made it my personal mission to produce all of the product you see on Oak73 in the USA.  Many people told me this could not be achieved while still maintaining the low prices of mass retailers.  However, having manufactured everything in New York City and Los Angeles at very reasonable prices, we were able to do just that.  Furthermore, by selling exclusively online, we eliminate the myriad and vast expenses of a brick and mortar retail store.  These savings for us turn into savings for the customer.  And, even more importantly, we are supporting well-run, quality-driven local manufacturers, who do not rely on unjust, low-cost labor.

Ultimately, by shopping at Oak73, you are not just getting original product at a great price, but you are helping to support the Made in America movement.  This initiative seeks to strengthen our local economy by creating hundreds of thousands of jobs, all while setting a new standard for a more socially responsible manufacturing process.

I am truly grateful for all the love and encouragement you have shown me. Without your support, this could not have been made possible.  I only ask one more favor of you: please spread the word about Oak73 through social media, word of mouth, or any means possible!

Again, I thank you for all of the encouragement and I hope you enjoy Oak73 as much as I have enjoyed (and sweated) bringing it to you.

Matt Dunne

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