April 10, 2014


When you’re all bundled up in your hat, scarves, and gloves, lamenting the fact that it’s nearly April and they’re still forecasting snow, do you ever close your eyes and imagine you’re actually on the beach, building sandcastles and spiking volleyballs?  Yeah, us too--unfortunately, we’re usually snapped back to reality pretty quickly.  However, since our olfactory senses have the ability to instantly transport us to another time and place, we’re getting over the winter with these beach-inspired scents.  Each one elicits that indelible combination of sea, sun, sand and sunscreen that stirs at your soul with a little cocktail umbrella.  There is such a thing as instant happiness, and it’s in these bottles:

Bobbi Brown, Beach ($70)

Maison Martin Margiela, REPLICA Beach Walk ($125)

HEELEY, Sel Marin ($180)

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