May 22, 2014

Made in America Series: Rosebud Salve

While we love to bring attention to new brands that are reinvigorating the made in America movement, it’s just as important to recognize the brands that have endured; in this case, for over 120 years!  That’s why this week we’re featuring Smith’s Rosebud Salve.

Rosebud Salve’s lovely classic tins are instantly recognizable; but have you ever closely examined them?  If you have, you’ll know that Rosebud is produced right here in America, in Woodsboro, Maryland.  The company was launched in 1892, then under the moniker “Balsam of Rosebuds.” 

The name change was just one of the many interesting facts we learned about Rosebud; many of those facts were about the product’s history, but what surprised us most was just how many uses this salve has.  How silly we were to think the rosy balm was just for lips!  Of its myriad uses, here are some of our favorites: eye make-up remover, cuticle softener, fly-away or frizzy hair fighter, all-over moisturizer and unruly brow tamer. 

And when they say ‘salve’ they really mean it.  Rosebud Salve relieves common skin irritations such as wind and sun burn, insect bites, and rashes.  But, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. After all, founder Dr. G.F. Smith chose white petrolatum as the base for the salve as it had been proven an invaluable remedy for burns and wounds during the Civil war.  Additionally, the rose oils Smith ordered from Grasse, France while developing the salve are still coveted today for their healing effects (and of course, fragrance).

Who knew one little tin could contain all that?  For more on Rosebud’s fascinating history, along with a product list of all their tins and tubes (you’ll want them all), visit their website here. 

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