July 09, 2014


There seem to be lots of candidates for the unofficial “Song of Summer” 2014.  Since temperatures are rising to mercury-melting levels (okay, not really, because mercury doesn’t melt, it’s already a liquid, but you get our point—the thermometer is ready to burst), we felt we could wait no longer to pronounce Oak73’s top pick for Summer ’14: “Chandelier,” Sia. 

Part of why we think this song deserves the title is because Sia made a pretty amazing video to accompany it (in which she doesn’t even appear, so maybe she actually doesn’t deserve any credit).  However, I’d say since TRL on MTV went out of fashion around, oh I don’t know, 2000, music videos are dismissed pretty summarily.  So when something like this comes along, that’s equal parts haunting, joyous, creepy, poignant and beautiful, you have to give credit where credit is due. 

The young girl in the video channels Billy Elliot, Natalie Portman (via Léon: The Professional, not Black Swan), and Lady Gaga to dizzying effect. It’s a truly brilliant contemporary dance performance. Check out the video below:


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