October 13, 2014

5 reasons to buy local food

Not only do we believe in buying locally made clothing, but we are also huge proponents of eating locally as much as possible.  Here are our top 5 reasons to buy local food:

1.  Locally grown tastes better.
Food grown in your own region was most likely picked within 24 hours whereas produce flown in from other states or countries is going to be much older.  The longer it takes for food to reach your table, the more nutrients are lost and with that, flavor.

2.  Local produce is healthier.
Fresh produce loses nutrients quickly.  Many studies have shown that an average of 1500 miles are traveled during a one-week period from harvest to table.  During that time sugars transform into starches, plant cells shrink and produce loses its nutritional value.

3.  Local food preserves genetic diversity.
In modern agriculture, foods are chosen for their ability to ripen simultaneously, withstand the harsh conditions of harvesting equipment, for a tough skin to survive packing and shipping, and to have a long shelf life.  Only a small amount of produce can actually sustain in these conditions and so there is little diversity in what is grown.

4.  GMO free.
Unlike large factory-style farms, local farmers do not have access to genetically modified seeds.  If you are against consuming bioengineered food, buying local is the way to go as produce is always grown naturally.

5.  Buying local helps support families.
There are currently less than one million farms in America and the numbers continually decrease every year.  Commodity prices are at an all time low leaving the farmer with less than 10 cents on the retailers food dollar.  Local farmers sell direct to consumers meaning they get the full retail price for their food, allowing them to sustain their livelihood and businesses.

So instead of going to the large, chain supermarkets, take the time to visit your local farmers market.  Not only will it be better for you, but you are helping to support family businesses.

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