April 17, 2015

Rhythm and Blues

Say it isn't so? We actually survived another winter and spring has finally sprung. Yay! Birds are chirping. Trees are budding. Flowers are blossoming. People are out and about. Outdoor seating is packed. Your favorite songs sound so much better. The windows are open. Your friends actually want to meet out. No one is complaining. Except….maybe your wardrobe. You know the feeling, you look through your closet and you have nothing to wear. For the first time in months, you don't have to wear that bulky winter coat but you don't have one that you love. And last year's spring coat will obvi not make the cut. Coincidentally, your favorite peeps at www.Oak73.com just launched a new line of spring jackets that will keep you looking extra cute on those warmer nights.

Today we are featuring a few of our favorite Blue jackets.

The Oak73 Periwinkle Tweed is all about mixing classic pieces with modern fabrics for unexpected looks that rock. Your friends will definitely be jealous when you show up wearing this piece and we promise we won't be mad if you tell them where you got it. :)

The Oak73 Metallic Geo Blazer was produced from excess fabric that we bought in New York City and upcycled into this beautiful jacket. The navy blue and black metallic fabric makes this blazer absolutely lux. Dress it up with a sequin tank or tone it down with a t-shirt, this unique piece makes a modern statement no matter where you go.

The Oak73 Quarterback Blue Varisty Jacket is an updated version of the perennial high school classic. Perfect for those cooler spring nights this wool classic is great throw over anything and look effortlessly cool in an instant (even as you’re waxing nostalgic over homecoming dances and powder puff football games).

Take a look at all of our spring jackets now on www.Oak73.com and let us know which your favorite is. Xx

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